Embankment Seating System

Durable and maintenance-free, Landscape Products’ embankment seating provides cost-effective seating solutions for major stadiums, schools, parks and public spaces.

“Highly Innovative” is how the Fulton Award judges described Aveng Infraset’s locally developed concrete seating system, widely used to provide cost-effective solutions for seating requirements from bus stops to schools and major stadiums. Features include:

  • Only the Aveng Infraset system is specially engineered and designed for quick and simple installation.
  • The precast units are robust enough to weather the wear-and-tear of construction.
  • The Aveng Infraset system is vandal-proof and maintenance-free.
  • Seats come in standard grey but may be coloured for aesthetic appeal.
  • The system is labour intensive in its construction and thus ideal for job creation in disadvantaged communities.

The Aveng Infraset Embankment Seating System consists of a hollow seat block with a mass of about 45kg and a hollow aisle block with a mass of approximately 25kg. Two seat blocks and two aisle blocks form one seat with a recommended width of 450mm.

Embankment preparation

The embankment should be constructed either in cut and then accurately trimmed to the designed slopes, or if the embankment is in fill, then the fill should be adequately compacted to minimise settlement and then accurately trimmed to the designed slope.

Finally, the embankment should then be screeded with a 75mm concrete screed which will act as the bearing surface for the seats and prevent scoring of the embankment.


The units are dry-stacked on the prepared screed, working from the base up. The aisle units also perform the function of creating access ways. Note that any curves will be constructed in a series of cords as only straight line construction is effective.

Upon completion of installation, bucket seats may be fixed to the seating if required, or at a later date when upgrading the facility.


2017-11-23 11-48-27 AM.png

2017-11-23 11-48-27 AM.png


Ratio Angle Measurement
2 1:3, 105 17,85 814 775
4 1:2 26,56 866 775


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