Infralok® 150

The Aveng Infraset Infralok® 150 erosion control system is unique in its flexibility and aesthetic appeal.

  • The Aveng Infraset Infralok® 150 is a light versatile concrete block which provides the ideal solution for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts wishing to create an erosion control system in their gardens.
  • With the Infralok® 150 construction is simple. Blocks can be rapidly laid without the need for foundations or mortar.
  • Please note: If the area is subject to traffic, i.e. driveways, or significant water flow, the sub-base should be sufficiently prepared before bedding the blocks.
  • The blocks can be laid in various configurations depending on the aesthetic requirement or the condition of the soil and vegetation of the area.


Technical Data Infralok® 150
Length 452
Width 320 - 188
Height 150
Av. mass of block (kg) 18.8 (kg)
Blocks per m2 4 - 10
Colours Available Grey


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Infralok® 150
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Infralok® 150