Bush Stone

Bush Stone is Aveng Infraset’s way of recreating the nostalgic charm of weathered granite flagstone without the need to despoil the environment in search of the quarried alternative.

Available at a fraction of the cost of natural granite, Bush Stone is a factory manufactured concrete product which has a natural stone-like appearance because of its hammered textured surface.

With its rustic charm and textured finish, Bush Stone is a favourite in applications as varied as shopping malls, townhouse complexes, retirement complexes and commercial projects.

In addition to being used on its own, Bush Stone is a valuable asset to designers wishing to create an aesthetically softer feel by contrasting the natual stone look with that of other similar sized pavers such as Cottage Stone® and Rumblestone®.

Coverage – Product dependant


Allowance must be made for laying tolerance and edge cutting.

Important note: Plate compacting is not recommended.

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bush stone
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