12m 13.3kN and 17.7kN

Design and performance criteria for the 12m 13.3kN and 17.7kN electrification mast are essential for the accurate specification of electrification masts. Aveng Infraset electrification masts are manufactured in ISO 9001-2008 accredited factories in South Africa.

Notes and Design
Mast length 12.0m 12.0m
Planting depth 2.0m 2.0m
Ultimate loads
Transverse 13.3kN 17.7kN
Downline 3.3kN 4.4kN
Working loads
Transverse 5.3kN 7.1kN
Downline 1.3kN 1.8kN
Transverse working moment @ GL 51kNm 68kNm
Load point from tip 400mm 400mm
Safety factor 2.5 2.5
Weight of Mast 1893kg 1913kg
Holes 22mm ID PVC sleeve
All earth points dimentions in blocks
All earth points are M12
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12m 13.3kN and 17.7kN
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12m 13.3kN and 17.7kN