7m 4kN

Poles and masts are designed to different ultimate loads, depending on the strength class required. External loads i.e. winds, line tension, conductor type and installation conditions determine a pole’s working load. A factor of safety is then added to the working load to determine the ultimate (design) load.

Notes and Design
Pole length 7.0m
Planting depth 1.3m
Ultimate loads
Transverse 4.0kN
Downline 1.2kN
Working loads
Transverse 1.6kN
Downline 0.48kN
Load point from tip 300mm
Safety factor 2.5
Weight of pole 268kg
Holes 22mm ID PVC sleeve
All earth points dimentions in blocks
All earth points are M12


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7m 4kN
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7m 4kN