General Applications: Streetlights

Aveng Infraset has introduced a new type of streetlight pole to help authorities eliminate cable theft and the concomitant disruption to streetlighting. Fully compliant with SABS 470 codes, the pole is available from 7-11m lengths.

The new pole offers the advantage of being cast with internal conduits, thereby enabling electric cabling to be drawn through the middle of the pole rather than being clamped externally. This means that the cabling is not only supported by the poles but protected as well.

The introduction of these poles is a huge deterrent to cable theft.

Furthermore, concrete poles have no resale or scrap value; nor can they be used as firewood or building material.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of prestressed concrete poles differentiates them from poles made from other materials. Moreover, the properties of prestressed concrete ensure that poles are thin and functional yet light enough for contractors to handle with ease. They are also maintenance-free and, unlike other materials, suffer no loss of strength over the years, being resistant to insects, fire, decay and corrosion.


  1. Prestressed concrete poles are widely used for streetlighting
  2. Areas with aggressive environments are especially suited to prestressed concrete poles
  3. They are ideal in applications where maintenance-free, high-quality solutions are required.
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General Applications: Streetlights
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General Applications: Streetlights