(Transformer) - 10m 8kN

The Transformer - 10m 8kN Concrete pole is a lightweight pole available in 10m and weighs 675kg.

Our poles are based on a unique design pioneered by Firth Stresscrete in New Zealand, a recognised authority on electricity reticulation poles. The units are ideally suited to applications such as power transmission, distribution, telecommunications and overhead electrical equipment (OHTE) for railways.

Notes and Design
Pole length 10.0m
Planting depth 1.8m
Ultimate loads
Transverse 8.0kN
Downline 2.4kN
Working loads
Transverse 3.2kN
Downline 0.96kN
Load point from tip 300mm
Safety factor 2.5
Weight of pole 675kg
Holes 22mm ID PVC sleeve
All earth points dimentions in blocks
All earth points are M12
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(Transformer) - 10m 8kN
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(Transformer) - 10m 8kN