Pandrol 'e' Clip

The Aveng Infraset's Pandrol Rail Fastening System has an elastic fastening which continues to grip the rail under vibration and has been proven on all types of sleeper and ballastless tracks.

Design features of the Pandrol System:

  • Few and simple components
  • Elastic fastening which continues to grip the rail under vibration
  • Long life span
  • High safety level and security
  • Proven on all types of sleeper and ballastless track
  • Widely used in turnouts and crossings
  • Can be supplied in self-locking anti-vandal form to prevent unauthorised removal, requiring a special tool to remove the clip
  • Wide range of adaptions for existing designs
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • No threads to strip or corrode
  • Straightforward use in operations such as rail changing and destressing.
'e' Clip Fastening Specifications for Different Gauges
Sleeper Rail Outer Inner Gauge Inner Outer
PY UIC 60kg/m UIC60/11/13 UIC60/00/04 1058 UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13
    UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09 1062 UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13
    UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09 1066 UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09
    UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13 1071 UIC60/06/09 UIC60/06/09
    UIC60/00/04 UIC60/11/13 1076 UIC60/11/13 UIC60/00/04
  SAR 60kg/m T11 T0 1058 T0 T11
    T6 T6 1062 T0 T11
    T6 T6 1066 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1071 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1076 T11 T0
  SAR 57kg/m T17 T6 1059 T6 T17
    T17 T6 1062 T11 T14
    T14 T11 1065 T11 T14
    T11 T14 1067 T11 T14
    T11 T14 1069 T14 T11
    T6 T17 1073 T14 T11
    T6 T17 1077 T17 T6
    T0 T23 1082 T17 T6
    T0 T23 1087 T23 T0
  SAR 48kg/m T23 T17 1067 T17 T23
    T23 T17 1072 T23 T17
    T17 T23 1077 T23 T17
P2 SAR 57kg/m T11 T0 1056 T0 T11
    T11 T0 1060 T6 T6
    T6 T6 1064 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1069 T6 T6
    T0 T11 1074 T11 T0
  SSAR 48kg/m T23 T6 1054 T6 T23
    T23 T6 1059 T11 T17
    T17 T11 1064 T11 T17
    T17 T11 1069 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1074 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1078 T23 T6
    T6 T23 1082 T23 T6
  SAR 40kg/m T23 T6 1060 T6 T23
    T17 T11 1065 T6 T23
    T17 T11 1070 T11 T17
    T17 T1 1075 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1080 T17 T11
    T11 T17 1084 T23 T6
Siding SAR 57kg/m A A 1066 A A
  SAR 48kg/m C A 1060 A C
    C A 1066 B B
    C A 1072 C A
    B B 1072 B B
    B B 1078 C A
    A C 1084 C A
  SAR 40kg/m C A 1066 A C
    C A 1072 B B
    C A 1078 C A
    B B 1078 B B
    B B 1084 C A
  SAR 30kg/m 30A T11 1067 T11 30A
    30B T17 1073 T11 30A
    30B T17 1079 T17 30B
    30C 30C 1084 T17 30B
    30C 30C 1089 30C 30C


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