Pandrol Fastclip

The Pandrol Fastclip rail fastening is a switch on – switch off system which was developed in response to the growing need by contractors and railway operators for fast, efficient track installation, and reduced maitenance costs.

Pandrol Fastclip retains many characteristics and benefits of other PANDROL fastenings, but incorporates important additional features such as pre-assembly prior to delivery to the track-site and very high application rates with minimal labour.


  • All components pre-assembled in the sleeper factory
  • Fully mechanised intallation and removal of clip (with hand-tool option)
  • Reduced intallation and destressing costs
  • Long-term maintenance savings
  • Non-threaded
  • Exceptional durability
  • Generates up to 1250kg nominal toe load per clip
  • Positive lock-in/lock-out of clip
  • Fatique endurance limit greater than other designs
  • Cast ductile iron shoulder (single and twin stem)
  • Low profile
  • Robust in component design and material selection
  • No metal-to-metal contact at clip/rail interface
  • Seperate toe and side post insulators, coupled with 90-100mm lateral bearing width against shoulder (107mm in heavy-haul version). Generates exceptional insulator durability
  • Pad secured to rail seat mechanically by side-post insulator
  • All components remain on the sleeper during rail stressing or rail changing operations
  • Suitable for turnouts – single clip for direct fixation or attachement by plate
  • Secondary stiffness option available
  • Plate rollers are available for use in destressing if required.
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Pandrol Fastclip
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Pandrol Fastclip