1065mm Gauge Level Crossing System - P2 with 48kg Rail

The 1065mm Gauge Level Crossing System - P2 with 48kg Rail consists of large concrete units complete with mounted rubber sections for a tight, secure fit on rails.

The outer slabs rest on sleepers and support-beams while the centre slabs rest on the sleepers, enabling the track to move freely and position itself in relation to the roadway without adversely affecting the crossover’s function.

During normal maintenance of the track, only the slabs are disassembled; the beams and asphalt shoulder are left in place. Due to the design, the need for ballast cleaning and regrading is minimal.


  • Convenient handling during installation and track adjustments
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Good alignment for both rail and road traffic
  • Low noise level
  • Superior non-slip properties
  • Strong resistance to wear
  • Tight seals prevent infiltration of dirt and dust etc.
  • Seperately insulated rails
  • Minimal impact on rail performance properties.
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