Durasafe is a vandal resistant equipment protection system, a reinforced concrete container providing high-level protection for critical electrical and electronic equipment.

The Aveng Infraset Durasafe was developed in conjunction with Metrorail to provide a high level of protection for security or safety-sensitive installations against vandalism in isolated locations. Originally designed to protect signal equipment and sensitive electronic equipment, Durasafe’s features include:

  • Unique patented self-weight locking mechanism
  • Vandal resistant
  • High durability (60 MPa), heavily reinforced concrete for maximum protection
  • Modular construction for ease of transport and quick installation
  • Purpose-made opening, either mechanically or hydraulically operated.

The total weight of the complete unit is 6.25 tons, consisting of cover - 3206 kg, base – 2326 kg and upstand – 713 kg.

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