1065 Gauge Turnout sleepers

A series of different prestressed concrete sleeper sets have been developed and successfully deployed in the replacement of complete sets as well as for new projects. Turnout hardware and custom-cast concrete sleepers listed are supplied together as a one-stop-service package from voestalpine VAE SA (Pty) Ltd. The available current mould sets are listed below:

  Turnout Description Total Length of
Concrete Sleeper
1:7 Tangential Double slip 197.008
1:9 48/51kg Secant turnout 137.145
1:9 60E1 Tangential turnout 165.260
1:12 48kg Secant turnout 186.745
1:12 60kg Secant turnout (Transnet design) 194.094
1:12 60E1 Tangential turnout 208.285
1:12 60E1 Tangential turnout in crossover 194.110
1:20 60E1 Tangential Swing nose turnout (BFX 78) 307.430
1:20 60E1 Tangential Swing nose turnout in crossover (BFX 82) 289.015


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1065 Gauge Turnout sleepers
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1065 Gauge Turnout sleepers