1435 Gauge Turnout sleepers

Aveng Infraset have manufactured Concrete Turnout sleepers which we are able to adapt using our turnout sleeper manufacturing system to suit all client requirements for similar turnout systems.

A series of different prestressed concrete sleeper sets have been developed and successfully deployed in the replacement of complete sets as well as for new projects. Turnout hardware and custom-cast concrete sleepers listed are supplied together as a one-stop-service package from voestalpine VAE SA (Pty) Ltd. The available current mould sets are listed below:

  Turnout Description Total Length of
Concrete Sleeper
1:9 60E2 Tangential turnout 215.396
1:12 60E2 Tangential turnout 304.270
1:12 60E2 Tangential turnout in crossover 292.403
1:12 LVT 60E2 Blocks turnout in slab track N/A
1:18.5 LVT 60E2 Blocks turnout in slab track N/A


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1435 Gauge Turnout sleepers
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1435 Gauge Turnout sleepers