Universal Turnout Sleeper

The Universal Concrete Sleeper is cast using the long line process in which three prestressed beams, 98 metres each are cast in one bed with three subs. They are then cut to the required length to replace timber sleepers varying in length from 2.1 metres to 6.0 metres in length, in increments of 300mm. Detail of the Universal Concrete Sleeper can be seen above.

This most challenging project entailed finding a solution to replace timber sleepers on existing timber-designed turnouts with concrete sleepers. At that point all new turnouts were already being constructed with concrete sleepers at predetermined fastening positions.

The Universal Sleeper/Infrabolt System process

The significance of the Universal Concrete Sleeper in conjunction with the Infrabolt system is that it uses standard sleepers, which can be mass-produced and used in exactly the same way as timber sleepers. They are inserted under the track and only then are the bolt holes drilled.

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Universal Turnout Sleeper
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Universal Turnout Sleeper